1999 Chevy Camaro
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About The Owner:
I eat, sleep, and breathe camaros. You'll never catch me voting for any mustang.

Vehicle Information

Make: Chevy
Model: Camaro
Year: 1999
Type: Convertible
Drive: Rear Wheel
Horsepower: roughly 450
1/4 Mile: >6.5 8th seconds
0-60: 4.3 seconds
Trans: Automatic

Name: Starla Next Mod: Rear mount t33 turbo setup Looking for a sponsorship so i can take this bad girl to some shows!!!


.30 over, domed pistons, t rex cam, port and polish, built auto w/ shift kit, 3:73 gears, LSD, 9.5 in wide C5 Z06 replica wheels, nexxen rubber, sound system, CAI, ceramic headers, deleted cats. Many more, no space to post.

  • camaromike23 I'd vote for a rusted out AMC pacer before I vote for a brand new mustang.
    7/27/2021 9:11:00 PM
  • camaromike23 Nice site, too many POS fords though.
    7/27/2021 9:11:00 PM
  • camaromike23 I just created my profile!
    7/27/2021 9:11:00 PM
  • Kandi Starla is GORGEOUS. Good work :)
    9/8/2011 1:49:05 PM
  • Jake Lane Oh sweet. Well, I may need something in the near future. Do you have any links to your work that I could check out?
    9/5/2011 12:51:07 AM
  • Jake Lane I like the way you think. I have been in touch with a couple that do work on the Camaro (mostly 5th gens though) so I will tell them about yours!
    9/4/2011 4:53:50 PM
  • Jake Lane She'll probably do very well! Just make sure she gets a good picture up. That makes all the difference ;)
    9/4/2011 2:47:37 PM
  • Jake Lane That's definitely going to happen. We will start small with having the leaderboard show how many votes each make has and then move onto models. The universal leaderboard is cool at first, but it gets tough to climb once so many people have over 500 votes.
    9/4/2011 1:05:43 PM
  • Jake Lane Yeah I understand. Sorry there's not more I can do about it sooner..it just costs a little money. I'll make sure to put that into the next update to CarWars. Thanks again for helping get Camaro guys on the site!
    8/26/2011 4:10:07 PM
  • Jake Lane Hey man, unfortunately making the length of the mods list longer is a larger fix than I thought. It won't happen in a day. When we push all of the larger updates for CarWars v2, I will make sure thats in there. Until then, just list your mods beginning with the most significant!
    8/26/2011 8:01:25 AM
  • Jake Lane Alright I'll keep that in mind. We will try to expand the modifications section within the next 24 hours. I'll keep you posted. If you know any customs shops that have cars to register, please let them know!
    8/25/2011 11:31:32 PM
  • Jake Lane I'll see if we can throw in some extra space for you guys to put up all of your mods. I agree, the limit is a little too low for some guys.
    8/25/2011 10:59:32 PM
  • Jake Lane Oh really? I love that thing.
    8/25/2011 10:11:24 PM
  • Jake Lane Those are the kind of people I want to register some cars on here. Custom shops can just make profiles for every car they have. Free advertising :)
    8/25/2011 10:07:40 PM
  • Jake Lane Well you weren't kidding. About seven Camaros have registered in the last 20 minutes!
    8/25/2011 9:59:29 PM
  • Jake Lane Haha thanks!
    8/25/2011 5:02:32 PM
  • Jake Lane I'm looking forward to seeing how your Camaro does. It's a sweet ride, man.
    8/25/2011 4:49:32 PM
  • Jake Lane Love it. I love the Camaro. Any LS guys you can link here would be much appreciated. Let the battles begin
    8/25/2011 4:43:54 PM
  • Jake Lane Haha well hopefully you Camaro guys can change that. I would love to see more LS engines on here!
    8/25/2011 4:29:20 PM

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