2006 Ford Mustang GT
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Vehicle Information

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang GT
Year: 2006
Type: Coupe
Drive: Rear Wheel
Horsepower: 300
1/4 Mile: 13.5 seconds
0-60: 4.9 seconds
Trans: Manual


Gray 10in racing stripes 2in gap, 4500k bi-xenon hids in headlights, 4500k single beam hids in foglights, blacked out front turn signals and rear side markers, smoked out taillights, tinted windows, blue leds under dash, kenwood ddx418 touchscreen headunit.

  • blackGTstang I just created my profile!
    7/27/2021 9:11:00 PM
  • Jake Lane great pictures. great Mustang. Welcome :)
    9/3/2011 5:47:57 AM

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