2008 Nissan 350Z
Owner:Jim Nadal
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Car Score: 1039
About The Owner:
57 years young and can still hang with the youngsters out there - been in love with 4 and 2 wheel creations too long to ever quit.

Vehicle Information

Make: Nissan
Model: 350Z
Year: 2008
Type: Coupe
Drive: Rear Wheel
Horsepower: 306
1/4 Mile: n/a seconds
0-60: 5.1 seconds
Trans: Manual

Bought new from dealer, last year of 350Z


Invidia Gemini Dual Exhaust JWT Dual Intake APexi coilovers & GT Spec under braces Wilwood 6 poy BBK, (front) INGS Type E front bumper NISMO V-@ rear wing Kenwood HU & amp w/ FOCAL speakers

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    7/27/2021 9:11:00 PM
  • wheee! Nice car, awesome lines. Gotta love Z's!
    8/31/2011 9:05:40 PM

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