Frequently Asked Questions

What is CarWars?
CarWars is an online car show designed for everyone that has a passion for cars. It is a social network that allows automotive enthusiasts to get in contact with others who love the same makes and models as well as a competitive show that revolves around which car has been voted for by others the most.
Do I have to pay to participate?
Nope! CarWars is free for everyone and that will not change. We want this to be easy and fun for the user.
How do I register my vehicle?
Click on the “Register My Vehicle” button on the homepage and fill in all of the boxes as well as select a profile picture. You will be approved by our moderators quickly and will be able to begin your experience on CarWars!
What type of cars can register?
Any car, SUV, or truck can participate in CarWars. As long as you love your vehicle and enjoy showing it off, we welcome you to join!
Can I have more than one profile?
Since every profile is limited to one car, you are absolutely allowed to make a profile for each car that you would like to register. You will simply have to use a different username for each.
Can my business create a profile?
If you are an actual business that works with cars and would like to register some of your vehicles to show what you are capable of, be our guest! We want our users to have the ability to see what kinds of companies are out there who can trick out their cars. Yes, it’s free for you too!
Is my information kept private?
Absolutely. We will never give out your information to anyone else. If you choose to give other users your contact information, that is fine. We leave it all up to you!
What is a username?
This is the name that others will see on your profile and next to your car. It can be your real name or anything else you would like it to be.
Can I have more than one picture?
Yes! While you can only have one main picture which is what people will see when they vote for your car, you can upload many more to your profile page for others to check out.
How much can I say about myself and my vehicle?
As of right now, your “about me”, “vehicle background”, and “modifications” sections are limited to 500 characters. We may expand this in the near future if necessary.
How do I make friends?
The best way to develop your own social circle is to follow other users who own cars that you like or leave a comment on their profile so they can follow you back. It is up to you who you let into your social network and talking to others about their vehicle is the best way to get their attention!
Will I receive many emails?
Nope. We do not want to flood your inbox with notification emails every week. When you register and submit your email, you will receive very little mail from us. We prefer to give you updates on the website rather through email.
How do I edit my profile?
After you have registered for CarWars, you can edit your profile at any time by clicking the “edit profile” button on your profile page. This will allow you to modify your information to your liking as much and as many times as you would like.
How do I enter my car in challenges?
Until we begin hosting weekly car shows, you cannot specifically enter your car in a challenge. The best way to make sure your car is actively being chosen for voting is to log on regularly and compare other users’ cars. The more you vote, the more you will come up in head-to-head comparisons for other users!
How do I compare other cars?
On the homepage, click on the “go vote for cars” button in the top middle or use the “compare cars” button in the top navigation bar to jump to the comparison page. From there, you may choose one of the two cars in as many head-to-head comparisons as you would like.
Can I vote if I have not yet registered?
Yes. We want every visitor to be able to try out CarWars before they feel comfortable enough to register. Before you have even made a profile, you can compare other users’ cars to get a feel for the CarWars atmosphere!
Will I receive prizes if I win competitions?
Once we begin hosting weekly competitions that users may register for free, the winner will receive a prize in the form of an awesome CarWars T-shirt as a congratulations on your victory.
Can I use CarWars through Facebook?
Yep! CarWars is available as an application of Facebook as well to make it more convenient for our users to log on.
How will I know new features are on the way?
The best way to keep up to date on CarWars and the evolution of our website is to follow us on Twitter at “CarWarsApp” and “like” the CarWars Facebook page. We will update these pages regularly to keep you well informed!
Can I make suggestions about how to improve CarWars?
Absolutely! Since CarWars is a brand new social network for everyone who loves cars, we want to know how we can make your experience the best it can be. Contact us through Twitter or Facebook and we would love to hear your input on CarWars and what you would like to see in the future.