About CarWars

General Information
CarWars is a competitive online car show created by Lane Automotive Networking and is designed to function as a fun and easy to use social network for automotive enthusiasts from around the world. We wanted CarWars to be user friendly to those with a passion for all things automotive. Through CarWars, users are able to easily connect with others who share their love for cars in order to create circles of friends within the automotive world. Through this experience, gear heads from around the globe can interact with others who have an interest in the same type of car and may even own the same make and model. This is a great way for enthusiasts to get in contact with others who own their same car to discuss everything from the joy of the ride to new aftermarket possibilities. While CarWars aims to connect users through the ability to “follow” the profiles of others, we also wanted to give this online car show a competitive twist. When a user registers their vehicle for free on our website, they are instantly put into our competition user base and may be selected at any time to be compared against another user’s vehicle in a head-to-head competition based around the question of “which car would you rather have?” Through this process, each user will get a vote for every instance where another user chooses their car in a head-to-head comparison. The more votes a user has, the higher up in the rankings they will be. Ranks also take profile views into account on the leader board page. While users will never be able to vote for their own car, they can control the amount of times their vehicle appears in a random comparison with another. The more a user votes between two cars, the more their car will appear for others to vote on. It pays to participate!
What’s Next?
Since CarWars is a very new website for automotive enthusiasts, many of its features will evolve over the following months as we receive user feedback and make changes to help with the fun and competitive experience. Soon after we acquire a good amount of users, we plan to include choosing categories of cars for comparisons so users can view more of their favorite cars rather than ending up with comparisons between classic muscle cars and exotic supercars, for example. Users will be able to select categories so they will end up comparing two cars of the same class. This will eliminate the issue of “apples to oranges” comparisons where the cars are so different that it’s tough to make a decision. Plus, we want our users to see more of the cars that they love. Along with this, CarWars will begin hosting weekly online competitions for specific types of vehicles to compete in. Users who register their vehicle (for free, of course) will have a shot at winning a prize if their car ends up with the most votes by the time the week is up. We would like to do rivalry competitions such as “Mustang vs. Camaro” and “Tuner vs. Muscle” as well as plenty more as we begin these battles for the top spot. We guarantee it will be a whole bunch of fun and it will give your car some major publicity! While you can use CarWars through Facebook currently, we plan to integrate it even more so you can “share” your vehicles on your Facebook profile to give your friends a look at how you are doing on CarWars. There are plenty of features that we will be adding over the next few months. Remember, we are new and looking for suggestions! Contact us on Facebook and Twitter with your input on CarWars. We look forward to hearing what our users think!