2006 Dodge Charger R/T R&T
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MOPAR enthusiast, Dodge Charger owner...nuff said.

Vehicle Information

Make: Dodge
Model: Charger R/T R&T
Year: 2006
Type: Sedan
Drive: Rear Wheel
Horsepower: 350hp/390lb-ft
1/4 Mile: 13.7 sec seconds
0-60: 5.4 sec seconds
Trans: Automatic

1st edition Bright Silver Metallic 2006 Dodge Charger R/T with Road & Track Package.


Show: Personally customized striping, wheels, engine shroud. Tinted windows. JL Audio sound installed by Raxx Loud & Clear. Accidentally customized chin spoiler, courtesy of winter. Venom Style RK Sport ram-air hood (FRP), silver carbon fiber hood pins. Go: Flowmaster Super 44 Exhaust. K&N drop filter. NoESP Mod. Coming: Legmaker Fendermount CAI or MOPAR direct-mount CAI,DiabloSport Trinity tuner

  • Dreadnought Oh, and for the same reasons...don't lie about your car lol. You just make yourself look stupid.
    7/27/2021 9:11:00 PM
  • 7/27/2021 9:11:00 PM
  • Dreadnought Ready for the car show today...the weather is perfect!
    7/27/2021 9:11:00 PM
  • Dreadnought I just created my profile!
    7/27/2021 9:11:00 PM
  • Jake Lane haha, I couldn't agree more with your last post. It is pretty sad when people don't even put in their basic car info!
    10/23/2011 11:59:28 AM
  • Dreadnought I don't vote for vehicles that have no info on them. Don't be lazy! If you don't know at least the basic info on your vehicle, you probably shouldn't be showing it off to gear-heads.
    9/8/2011 11:54:33 AM
  • chargerdriven Hey Dreadnought! Like your car. See you posting on Chargerforums all the time.
    8/28/2011 11:09:38 AM
  • gabby7901 Heya sexy :)
    8/25/2011 7:21:27 PM
  • Jake Lane Cool! I live in the Detroit area but a majority of my family lives on Lake Geneva over by you. I'm not sure if you've seen the Superformance Cobra on this site but that's my uncle's car from that area. I was there a few weeks ago driving it :)
    8/16/2011 3:43:34 PM
  • Jake Lane Awesome. How was the turn out. How far away is that from Lake Geneva, WI? I have a bunch of family out that way and I've been to some shows in the area.
    8/16/2011 10:18:47 AM
  • Jake Lane I am thrilled to hear that you like it. Spreading the word is what it is all about right now and I am very appreciative of your help! CarWars will be even more fun with hundreds of users. What car show did you go to yesterday?
    8/15/2011 11:00:31 AM
  • Dreadnought Car Show was a blast! I was too tired to stay for the whole thing (went there directly after a 10 hour night shift) but there were WAY more cars this year than I expected.
    8/15/2011 9:57:59 AM
  • Jake Lane Another charger guy! Looks amazing man.
    8/14/2011 12:01:13 PM

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